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What is So Special About The Roush Mustang?

For the Mustang enthusiast, knowing what’s special about a Roush Mustang can make a difference for those that are interested in hot rods or racing vehicles. They offer an extensive line of aftermarket performance parts for the Ford Mustang, as well as artfully created vehicles that are performance-driven street rods, with all the features you might look for in a racing vehicle. The explanation for this is quite simple, if you realize what makes them so special.

What is So Special About The Roush Mustang? Jack Roush, the founder of the Roush Mustang Performance started bridging the gap between road and track in 1995, when he created the company. For those that are looking for a unique mix of street car and race car, a Roush Mustang is the perfect answer. You get the styling, performance and handling characteristics of a racecar, but you can enjoy a street legal modified that gives you the ultimate in overall performance, with parts of the highest standards. For example, consider that the company offers the industry’s only aftermarket supercharger that continues the factory drive-train warranty on your car.

Because Roush racing is the Ford racing team with the most wins in history, it is only natural that these products can help you transform your Mustang into a Roush Mustang with total confidence. Many of the products were engineered by the same team that led to this awesome record of racing wins, using race-proven technologies, and advanced automotive engineering.

When you are searching for the ultimate driving experience, you can enjoy the benefits of the perfect combination of a street-legal car that performs like a race car. Whether you are considering the parts and crate engine offerings, or their performance line of vehicles, you are assured of a car that is like no other, when you consider driving a Roush Mustang.

Popular models for 2011 include the 5XR Roush Mustangs, along with the Sport, Stage 1, and Stage 2. For 2010, the Barrett-Jackson model is one radical vehicle, but there are other popular models including the 540RH, 427R and the limited edition Stage 3. When it comes to parts, you can find custom aftermarket products for the power-train, body, suspension, exhaust, interior, brakes, wheels, accessories and competition or service parts. Their engines are in a class by themselves, known for their superb and smooth operation, but there are different choices of racing-caliber engines to choose from.

The company has perfected the art of performance engineering and you can own a Roush Mustang with pride. Do not be surprised if others are filled with envy because these are some performance-driven vehicles with a superb reputation and innovative engineering team to stand behind them. Besides the customized offerings of vehicles that can be purchased, you can get the aftermarket parts or engines to customize your own vehicle. For those that always wanted to own a street rod, it is the perfect source to look for all the racing parts you need to transform your car into a performance vehicle that features some of the best engineering, when it comes to aftermarket options.

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