Tips For Shopping a Used Ford Mustang

So you have decided you want to join the millions of Ford Mustang owners worldwide, and buy a previously owned Ford Mustang. Congratulations, there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you shift from third to fourth gear, or the looks you get from jealous co-workers as you park your Mustang. That being said, there are a few things you should consider. Read More »

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Joining The Class Of Turbo Mustangs

Joining The Class Of Turbo Mustangs.

Those that love the Ford Mustang do not spend too much time driving their car before they start looking into the possibilities of customizing it. Turbo Mustangs are an elite club that has owners, which believe in putting as much power into their street-legal machine as they can get by with, while bordering on racetrack performance. It is not unusual to hear about twin turbo and supercharged Ford Mustangs, but what might be more unusual are those that have no desire to change anything about their stock model. Read More »

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There is Not Many Cars That Resemble The Classic Mustang

There is Not Many Cars That Resemble The Classic Mustang.

As the updated “retro” version of the classic Mustang has been recently enjoying a comeback through the new and improved gas mileage models, there are still many people that prefer the original Ford mustangs. When the straight-six cylinder convertibles and coupes were released in 1965, the introduction in 1964 of the prototype had many “Pony car” fans clamoring to buy these sporty looking automobiles. In the first two years, the classic Mustang sold over a million units. Read More »

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Coming Soon The New 1964 Mustang TV Ad

Coming Soon The New 1964 Mustang TV Ad.

In 1964 ½ as it would affectionately come to be know the Ford Motor Company introduced a new vehicle to the American driving public. In this move it would usher in a new era in American car production and forever change the face of the way Detroit would sell cars. The car that would bring about this remarkable nirvana was know as the Ford Mustang. To say it was ground breaking would be an understatement of the dramatic changes it would bring to car production in this new era of the Baby Boomer Generation. Ford hoped with the Mustangs late introduction... Read More »

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Ford Shelby GT 500 Goes Euro in Germany

Ford Shelby GT 500 in Germany.

What happens when the Ford Shelby GT 500 meets Pure German Driving Pleasure, shear wundebar! Germany is synonymous with the thought of speed and cars the thought of many a Porsche cruising its legendary speed magnet super roads is as commonplace as October Fest. I do not usually like to do two videos on the same page let alone a double feature followed the next day by another Mustang video but this was just to cool to pass up. Whether you are a Mustang owner, a casual Mustang fan, or a want to be Stang owner this video by Ford sums up and embodies... Read More »

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