Twenty Things You Probably Did Not Know About Mustangs

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So, you love the Ford Mustang, but just how much do you know about them? These 20 little pieces of trivia contain some fun and informative tidbits that you may not have known about this great American classic. Who knows, you just might learn something. 1. The Ford Mustang was originally named for the P-51 Mustang, a popular fighter plane. During the development of the car, there were allusions made comparing the car to the horse and the running horse motif became the well-known emblem for the Mustang. Read More »

The Ford Mustang Shelby: A Timeless Classic of Power and Style

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The Ford Shelby Mustang, a fifth generation mustang, was one of Ford’s powerhouses that were intended to compete with the Corvette. Ford manufactured the Shelby from 1968 through 1970. The Shelbys that were produced prior to that, in the years 1965, 1966 and 1967, were actually Mustangs that had undergone special modifications by Carroll Shelby’s company. These were called Shelby Cobras. Read More »

Ford Mustang Cobra – The Success Continues

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Since Ford’s 1993 introduction of the Ford Mustang Cobra was so successful, Ford decided to move forward with the production of more Cobras. In 1994, both a coupe and a convertible were produced, but in 1995, Ford offered a Cobra coupe, a Cobra convertible and they brought back the Cobra R. The engine in the 1995 was the same, a carry over from 1993, but with a power boost to 240 horses. The front bumper that featured round fog lights distinguished the Cobra from the Mustang GT, as did the Cobra specific wheels. Read More »

Ford Mustang Memorabilia

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The Ford Mustang was the vision of Lee Iacocca, who was Ford’s General Manager in 1964. He had envisioned a small sports car to be the next hot muscle car in street races. This is when they came up with the pony car class, which the Ford Mustang helped create. In the history of the Ford Mustang, there have been many car collectors and enthusiasts. This has created a marketplace for Ford Mustang memorabilia. When the Ford Mustangs were first introduced in 1964, the sleek, modern sports cars inspired many car clubs, shows, rallies, and swap meets.... Read More »

The Ford Mustang Cobra – Big Changes in 2001

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While the 1999 model of the Ford Cobra underwent some changes, it was not until 2001 that the big changes came about. From top to bottom, inside and out, the Ford Cobra got a face-lift. Formerly a Teksid, the engine block was changed to the Windsor Aluminum Plant, also known as the WAP block. A few 2001 models did receive the Teksid from the factory or as a replacement motor, but most come with the WAP. It should be noted that the WAP is considered to be weaker than the Teksid.  Read More »

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